Bertolini Manuel


Manuel Bertolini is researcher at CNR Institute for the history of modern philosophical and scientific thought (Milan) since December 2021. He received his BA in History from the University of Pisa (2009), and his PhD in History from the University of Milan and Clermont-Ferrand II (2013). He has been Post-doc researcher fellow at the University of Geneva-Swiss National Science Foundation (2014-2017). During 2018-2021 he was research fellow and teaching assistant in Renaissance history at the University of Verona, Dept of “Culture e Civiltà”.

His academic interests include history of the Reformation and Renaissance philosophy, with a particular focus on musical sociability, medical thought, memory, passions, and emotions. He has published articles on several peer-reviewed academic journals, and a book on music censorship in the early modern period (Un ambiguo sodalizio. Percorsi di musica e storia religiosa nella prima età moderna, Unicopli, Milan 2019).

He is also interested in Tommaso Campanella’s contributions in the field of poetry, medicine, and magic. Since 2017 he is a member of the editorial board of Bruniana & Campanelliana. Ricerche filosofiche e materiali storico-testuali.

At ISPF, he contributes to the research line “Philosophy, science, society and language of the arts in modern and contemporary age”.