Campus Elena


Elena Campus is a researcher at CNR Institute for the history of modern philosophical and scientific thought  (Milan) since October 2019. She graduated in Public Relations from IULM University of Milan and completed an MA in International Journalism (Broadcast strand) at the University of Westminster in London. In 2010 she began working as a Research Fellow at CNR Institute of Biometeorology, specializing in science communication, technology transfer and public research valorization, as well as serving as Communication Manager in a number of national and international research projects.

At ISPF, she is responsible for communicating and disseminating research findings and outcomes to diverse audiences. She also contributes to the research line “Philosophy, science, society and language of the arts in modern and contemporary age”.


Main responsibilities:


  • ISPF Communication Manager;
  • CNR Press Office and Communication and Public Relations Units collaborator;
  • ISPF coordinator for the activities related to the Evaluation of Research Quality procedure (VQR 2015-2019).