Evangelista Roberto


Education and research interests

Roberto Evangelista is researcher of ISPF CNR since Novembre 2017. His scientific production deals with the Early-Modern Philosophy. He is awarded with Ph. D. in Political Philosophy and History of Political Thought at Padua University, with a thesis about the relation between imagination and rationality in Spinoza’s polticial philosophy. He took part in numerous conferences in Italy and abroad. Evangelista has published a monography dealing with Spinoza (Il bagaglio politico degli individui. La ‘dinamica consuetudinaria’ nella riflessione politica di Spinoza) and a didactive book about Vico (Vico. Perché l’uomo non è un animale). Furthermore, his studies concern the thought of Ernesto De Martino, with a particular attention to the problem of underdevelopment and the link between De Martino and Vico.



Roberto Evangelista has been part of a research project of national interest about the borie in Vico, and he has emproved competence in the field of Digital Humanities. He contributes to the work of digitazion of documents and books related to vichian production for the project portale Vico (www.giambattistavico.it), and he is member of redactional board of the journals “Bollettino del centro di studi vichiani”, “Glocale. Rivista molisana di storia e studi sociali”, and of online reviews “ISPF-Lab. Laboratorio dell’ISPF”, “Nostos. Laboratorio di ricerca storica e antropologica”, and “RTH. Research Trends in Humanities”. Roberto Evangelista is member of scientific board of Societas Spinozana and ordinary member of the international association “Ernesto De Martino”.