Mazzola Roberto


The research activity dedicated to the history of philosophical culture between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries aims to highlight the anthropological significance of the work of G. Vico in the context of the relationship between the Italian and the European culture. Particular attention is dedicated to the theme of "origins" as a privileged moment of Vichian reflection on the dynamics within the birth and the differentiation of civilization.
A further line of research is directed towards the study of the "sources" of Vico to understand the reasons, the arguments and the exegetical techniques, as well as the contaminations, the dependencies and the forcing that have significantly affected the stratified complexity of Vichian thought. Attention was then dedicated to a more detailed and analytical knowledge of the Neapolitan scientific life of the eighteenth century.
In this perspective, medical science, due to its intrinsic propensity to become an instrument and a link between natural and human sciences, lends itself to the study of the penetration of the ideals of scientific Enlightenment to a secular public, interested in a social and political use of sciences. Finally, in the last decade, a further line of research has been the relationship between new technologies and humanistic disciplines, which has resulted in the creation of a DocuFilm, digital libraries and multimedia installations.

Research fields:

  • History of Philosophy
  • History of Medicine
  • Digital Humanities
  • Bibliography

 Institutional activities :

  • Member of the Executive Board of the Book Series “Cultura meridionale”