Pica Ciamarra Leonardo

Primo ricercatore

Leonardo Pica Ciamarra(PhD 1993) graduated with honors in Philosophy in Naples,  scholarships at the University of Erlangen-Nürberg, the Italian Institute for Historical Studies, the University of Munich, the University of Naples "Federico II". In 2001 Researcher and in 2013 Senior researcher at the CNR.

His research activity focuses on classical German philosophy in relation with contemporary thought, in particular on the themes of philosophical anthropology, of the theory of form, pf the concept of individuality between historical thought and philosophy of nature and at the encounter between philosophy and literature. Author of studies on Schopenhauer and Goethe and their reception in XXth Century, he also worked on Digital Humanities and on some aspects of Vico's fortune and work. 

Member of the ISPF Institute Committee, he is the curator of the Portale Vico, in charge for the ISPF-CNR Center for Digital Humanities and for its partnerships with other institutions. In the editorial board of the “Bollettino del Centro di studi vichiani” and of the “Archivio di storia della cultura”, editor in chief of the e-journal “Laboratorio dell’ISPF” and of the ebook series “I Quaderni del Lab”, member of the Board of the PhD in Philosophical Sciences at the University of Naples Federico II, in charge for the library of the Fondazione P. Piovani per gli studi vichiani, member of the Scientific Committee for the celebrations of the 350th Vico anniversary in 2018. He took part to various national and international research projects, was member of the editorial board of the electronic edition of Schopenhauer's Nachlass and has been in charge for digitization projects of Vichian materials and e-publishing. He also coordinates the activities of the ISPF-CNR Observatory on Humanities.