Riccio Monica


1990-1991, 1995 Research fellowships at the Vico Studies Centre (CNR) Naples
1996 Ph.D.  Philosophy
1997 Postdoctoral research fellowship at the university “Federico II” of Naples (Philosophy)
1996-2001 Teaching of philosophy and history in the high school
2001-  Researcher at the Institute for history of  philosophical and scientific modern thinking (ISPF-CNR)
2003/2004 – 2006/2007 In charge of seminars ISPF for university students, department of philosophy, Naples
2007-  Courses and seminars in universities and doctoral programs
2014 In charge of Observatory on humanities at ISPF
2005- Editor of book series “Studi Vichiani”

Lines of research
Psychology and Psychiatry in the 18 th  and 19 th  centuries: theoretical foundations; roots of sensations; anomalies and darkness of child development; science of passions; crowd psychology.
Political philosophy:  multitude, crowd and the people between anthropology and politics, from the 17th to the XX th century; the idea of equality; tolerance between equals.
Giambattista Vico’s thought was the starting point for some of these research roots.