Rinaldi Anna

Collaboratore tecnico

Level IV technical assistant, head of the Library of the Institute for the History of Philosophical and Modern Scientific Thought (ISPF) of the National Research Council (CNR). Management of library activities with bibliotechnical and IT knowledge (REICAT New Italian Rules of Cataloging, ISBD International Standard Bibliographic Description, Subject-Heading BNCF, Dewey Decimal Classification, Information Retrieval systems, creation and techniques of retrieval of bibliographic information, document delivery and interlibrary loan service).
Referent of the ISPF Library in the NILDE Inter-Library Document Exchange Network: document delivery management for external and internal users of the library; responsible for the automated management of procedures; management of sending documents electronically through a web interface with a dedicated server, or via fax and postal mail; management of a detailed and always updated balance of exchanges with other libraries.
Referent of the ISPF Library for the management and cataloging Polar CNR - GECA metaOpac. Referent of the ISPF Library for the management and cataloging of SBN Polo Nap ICCU. Bibliographic consultation service for external users. Planning of regional libraries contributions.