Stile Alessandro


The activity of search he’s dedicated on two principal seams. The first one devoted to the history of the philosophical culture among Six and Seven hundred, with particular reference to Giambattista Vico and Nicolas Malebranche. Particularly, of this last has translated many unpublished works in their integral version till now. 
Always within the modern thought, a sector of studies, still in progress, the theme of the Passions is devoted to, involving, besides the philosophers above quoted, a Neapolitan Author to them contemporary, Niccolò Gaetani dell’Aquila in d’Aragona, of which it is in preparation the first modern edition of his.Avvertimenti intorno alle passioni dell’animo.
The second seam, that stirs in parallel to the precedent, it is born from an afterthought of the language of the philosophy in relationship to the Arts and the Literature. Necessity to find for the philosophy new communicative horizons requires in fact a particular attention for expressive forms what the Music and the Cinema, that allow the philosophy from a part to acquire new materials for the elaboration of concepts, and from the other to enrich its language (also using itself multimedial) and of great incidence inside the most contemporary formalities of fruition.

Research fields:

  • History of the French and Italian Philosophy among '600 and '700.
  • The language of the philosophy in relationship to the arts and the media

Institutional activity

  • Secretary of Editing of the "Bollettino del Centro di studi vichiani"
  • Secretary of the Scientific Commitee of “Bollettino del Centro di Studi Vichiani”.