Centre for Digital Humanities

The Centre for Digital Humanities combines in a single structure the e-publishing, digitisation and electronic processing activities carried out by the CNR Institute for the History of Philosophy and Science in Modern Age. Alongside an operational dimension, consolidated through numerous experiences over the years, it also has a theoretical dimension, focusing on the interaction between the humanities and the “digital turn” of our time, in direct connection with the activities of the ISPF Observatory on the Humanities. The aim is to foster the expansion and methodological refinement of the application of digital technologies in the humanities, and at the same time to enhance a critical and cultural awareness of the transformations they convey.

The ISPF’s activities in this field include the electronic journal ‘Laboratorio dell’Ispf’, the e-book series ‘Quaderni del LAB’, the digitisation of texts and documents on the ‘Portale Vico’ (project ‘Biblioteca vichiana’/POR-FESR Campania 2007-2013), the digital collection of texts published in Naples in the 17th and 18th centuries ‘Biblioteca Napoletana’, the participation in the DSU-CNR SM@RTINFRA-SSHCH project in the field of open-source e-publishing, in the Laboratoire d’excellence HASTEC ‘Harmonia Universalis’, in the ISCH COST ACTION IS1310 ‘Reassembling the Republic of Letters’ – A digital network for multi-lateral collaboration on Europe’s intellectual history, in the European initiative Time Machine Organisation (TMO), in the PON ‘IDEHA- Innovation for Data Elaboration in Heritage Areas’. It has collaborated – with formal understandings – with various institutions: Campania Region, MiBACT/CulturaItalia, Maison Méditerranéenne des Sciences de l’Homme, National Library of Naples ‘Vittorio Emanuele III’, Museum Centre of the University of Naples ‘Federico II’, Benedetto Croce Library Foundation, P. Piovani for Vico Studies Fundation – of the latter, it took care of the site and digital library, as it also did for the three hundred and fiftieth anniversary of Vico’s birth national celebrations website.

Currently, the Centre manages the ISPF participation in the PNRR project coordinated by the CNR ‘H2IOSC – Humanities and Heritage Italian Open Science Cloud’.

The Centre – coordinated by Leonardo Pica Ciamarra with the technical support of Ruggero Cerino – is equipped with advanced hardware and software equipment for digital text acquisition and processing and electronic publishing, and periodically hosts in-depth seminars open to the public.