Bollettino del Centro di studi vichiani

The ‘Bollettino del Centro di studi vichiani’ (Bulletin of the Centre for Vichian Studies) is the historical journal of the Centre for Vichian Studies. It was founded by Pietro Piovani in 1971 and directed by him until his death in 1980. With an interdisciplinary approach, it publishes philosophical, historical, and erudite research aimed at promoting both knowledge of Vico’s thought and the Vico era and the investigation of Vico’s presence and influence in Italian and international thought. The journal is published every year and includes articles, notes, reviews, bibliographical notices, news and materials.


Scientific Board: Paolo Cristofolini (†), Fabrizio Lomonaco, Josep Martinez Bisbal (†) , Leon Pompa, Alain Pons (†), José M Sevilla Fernandez, Alessandro Stile (Secretary), Jürgen Trabant, Maurizio Vitale (†) .
Editors-in-Chief: Giuseppe Cacciatore, Enrico Nuzzo, Manuela Sanna, Fulvio Tessitore
Editorial Secretary: Alessandro Stile (
Editorial Board: David Armando, Leonardo Pica Ciamarra, Roberto Evangelista, Alessia Scognamiglio

Any contributions should be sent to the Editorial Secretary. It will be examined by a reading committee, composed of Italian and foreign scholars, who will inform the authors of the outcome of the evaluation; in any case, no contributions will be returned. Contributions in Italian, French, English and Spanish are accepted.

Authors of publications on Vichian topics are invited to send their works to the Editorial Secretary or provide it with their details, in order to be promptly reported in the Bollettino.

The general indices of the ten-year series are published in the form of Supplements to the volumes

As of 2007, the Bollettino is published by:
Edizioni di storia e Letteratura
Via delle Fornaci, 24 – 00165 Rome – Italy

From issue XLV (2015) the Bollettino is on-demand and copies can be purchased by contacting

From issue LI (2021) the Bollettino is published online in open access on

Electronic versions of older issues are available on the Vico Portal edited by the ISPF

Laboratorio dell’ISPF

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The Laboratorio dell’ISPF (ISPF-LAB) is the online journal of the Institute for the History of Philosophy and Science in Modern Age (ISPF) of the Italian National Research Council (CNR). Issued since 2004, it publishes classic texts and original contributions (essays and research instruments) in the fields of philosophy and the humanities. Since 2012, it hosts a section dedicated to materials produced by the ISPF Observatory on the Humanities.

The articles, accepted after a peer review process, are published under a Creative Commons license (except for rare cases of materials granted to our journal with a limited licence) and comply with the standards of the Budapest Initiative for Open Access.  Authors retain all the rights of use of their work, with the sole obligation to mention its first publication. Articles approved before the closing of each issue are published as “online first”. An average time of at least twelve weeks is to be expected between the presentation of the paper and its publication.

The journal accepts articles in Italian and in other languages, with no charges for the authors. The texts, composed following the attached instructions shall be sent to the address lab[at], where any other journal related communications can be directed.

In 2014 it was inaugurated the supplements series I Quaderni del Lab, which is the first ebook series edited by the ISPF and follows – at a different scale – the same scientific program of the journal.

The ISPF-LAB is part of the Coordination Committee of Italian Journals of Philosophy (CORIFI) and is among the signatories of the Statement on Quality and Evaluation approved in July 2018.


Chief Editors: David Armando, Leonardo Pica Ciamarra, Manuela Sanna
(ISPF-CNR, Naples – armando[at], picaciamarra[at], sanna[at]

Scientific Commitee: Josep Martinez Bisbal (†), Giuseppe Cacciatore (Università di Napoli Federico II), Silvia Caianiello (ISPF-CNR), Maria Conforti (Università di Roma La Sapienza), Pierre Girard (Université Jean Moulin Lyon III), Matthias Kaufmann (Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg), Girolamo Imbruglia (Università di Napoli L’Orientale), Pierre-François Moreau (École Normale Supérieure de Lyon), Barbara Ann Naddeo (The City College of New York), Valeria Pinto (Università di Napoli Federico II), Enrico I. Rambaldi (Università di Milano), Salvatore Tedesco (Università di Palermo), Maurizio Torrini (†), Amadeu Viana (Universitat de Lleida)

Editorial Staff: Roberto Evangelista, Armando Mascolo, Salvatore Prinzi, Alessia Scognamiglio (secretary), Roberta Visone.

Technical Support: Ruggero Cerino


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Founded in 2005 on the initiative of some of the leading Italian scholars of Spanish and Hispanic American philosophy, «Rocinante. Rivista di filosofia iberica, iberoamericana e interculturale» is, starting from 2016, a publication of the Institute for the History of Philosophy and Science in Modern Age (ISPF) of the National Research Council (CNR). The journal has taken on a leading role in the national and international academic field, making use of the scientific collaboration of accredited Italian and foreign scholars, and producing significant works about the main representatives of the Spanish and Hispanic American philosophical thought (just to mention a few, Ortega y Gasset, Unamuno, Zambrano, Gaos, Nicol, Zubiri). The new edition of «Rocinante», which will be published annually and will be made available in open access electronic format, broadens its spectrum of investigation by also addressing the philosophical problems related to interculturality and the philosophical categories inherent to them. The journal publishes content in Italian and in the main European languages ​​(English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese). Articles shared to the attention of the Editorial Staff are subject to a double-blind peer review procedure for the purpose of publication: upon receiving them at, the Editorial Staff of the journal sends the articles anonymously to the referees who evaluate them. Pieces will be published only if positively evaluated. All materials sent for publication must be standardized in advance according to the editorial rules of the journal, which can be downloaded here or requested to

Luis de Llera, Armando Mascolo, Manuela Sanna

Emeritus Director
Giuseppe Cacciatore†

Editors Board
Giuseppe Bentivegna, Giuseppe D’Anna, Antonello Giugliano†, Armando Savignano, Antonio Scocozza, José Manuel Sevilla Fernández.

Scientific Board
Fulvio Tessitore (Presidente – Università di Napoli “Federico II”), Stefania Achella (Università di Chieti), José Andrés-Gallego (CSIC – Madrid), Pablo Badillo O’Farrell (Universidad de Sevilla), Óscar Barroso Fernández (Universidad de Granada), Rossella Bonito Oliva (Università L’Orientale di Napoli), Fortunato Maria Cacciatore (Università della Calabria), Clementina Cantillo (Università di Salerno), Alessia Cassani (Università di Genova), Pedro Cerezo Galán (Universidad de Granada), Pio Colonnello (Università della Calabria), Gianni Ferracuti (Università di Trieste), Raúl Fornet-Betancourt (Universität Bremen), Juliana González Valenzuela (UNAM – México), Paola Laura Gorla (Università L’Orientale di Napoli), Diego Gracia Guillén (Direttore Fondazione Zubiri di Madrid), José Lasaga Medina (UNED – Madrid), Víctor Martín Fiorino (Universidad Católica de Colombia), María Lida Mollo (Università della Calabria), José Luis Mora García (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid), Leonardo Pica Ciamarra (ISPF-CNR), Paolo Ponzio (Università di Bari “Aldo Moro”), Carmen Revilla Guzmán (Universidad de Barcelona), Ramón Rodríguez García (Universidad Complutense de Madrid), Javier San Martín Sala (UNED – Madrid), Stefano Santasilia (Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí), Javier Zamora Bonilla (Universidad Complutense de Madrid).

Editorial coordination
Armando Mascolo

Editorial Secretariat
Ruggero Cerino, Roberto Colonna, Antonella De Laurentiis, Giorgia dello Russo, Noelia Domínguez Romero, Carlos Javier González Serrano, Lorena Grigoletto, Stefania La Rosa, Robin Lindsay, Marianna Scaramucci, Giovanna Scocozza, Stefania Tarantino.

Technical realization: Ruggero Cerino

Graphic design of the cover: Diego Scimone

Magazine sponsored by
Dipartimento di Studi Umanistici – Università degli Studi di Napoli “Federico II”
Fondazione I.S.LA. per gli Studi Latinoamericani – Università degli Studi di Salerno