The Institute for the History of Philosophy and Science in Modern Age (ISPF) is committed to the study, dissemination and promotion of historical-philosophical and historical-scientific culture. A focus and a critical reflection on the identity of the humanities characterize the research conducted at the ISPF. The forms that these disciplines take in the rapidly changing scenarios of contemporary society affect the very constitution of the image of man, of cultural identity and intercultural relations, and therefore require a methodologically well-founded study.


13 maggio 2023, ore 10.00

Presentazioni Volimi Antonio Vallisneri

Book presentation
25 maggio 2023, ore 16.00 (seminario) - 24/25/26 maggio 2023 ore 20.30 (spettacolo)

The dream of reason. Thomas Campanella’s City of the Sun. A performance and seminar



Pan/demìa. Osservatorio filosofico

The project ‘Pan/demìa. Philosophical Observatory’, was born out of the desire to explore the contribution of the human sciences in addressing and understanding the viral crisis: a virtual space dedicated to the most controversial and urgent issues arising from the irruption of the Coronavirus, to be investigated with the support of the thought of the great philosophers.