8 maggio 2023, ore 16.00
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10 anni di RTH

presentation of issue 10 (2023) of the journal ‘Research Trends in Humanities’ RTH
celebration of the tenth anniversary

Public presentation

Guido Benvenuto
University of Rome La Sapienza

Armando Mascolo

Roberto Delle Donne
University of Naples Federico II

RTH is an Anvur online gold open access scientific journal that looks at trends in the humanities; trends that anticipate and question the frontiers of research, but also know how to go against the grain.
The first issue dates back to 2014.
The subtitle of RTH is Education & Philosophy, but it is not a journal on the philosophy of education. Education and philosophy are united by the same intention, which is to publish innovative research in both fields.
The Bio-Education & Cognition section (directed by Flavia Santoianni, full professor of experimental pedagogy at the University of Naples Federico II) was conceived with the intention of disseminating research in the bio-educational sciences – which originated at the University of Naples Federico II in the 1980s – in the broader panorama of national and international educational research.
The Evolving Philosophy section (directed by Rosario Diana, senior researcher in philosophy at Ispf-Cnr) aims to represent a space available to receive innovative contributions in the history of modern and contemporary thought, theoretical philosophy and ethics.
During this decade of activity, the Think Tank Notebooks have been the instrument of monographic investigation, with which it has been possible to examine specific topics in depth.
The PTH Notebook – Performative Thinking in Humanities, which has become an annual periodical since 2021, has opened up a space for reflection connected to the Ispf-Cnr Research Line on Humanistic Knowledge and Languages of the Arts, for which Rosario Diana is scientific director.

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ISPF-CNR, RTH (Research Trends in Humanities), Associazione culturale Quidra, Associazione culturale Il Canto di Virgilio.
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