Leonardo Pica Ciamarra

Email: leonardo.picaciamarra@ispf.cnr.it
Phone: +39
Office: Naples

Research director

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Leonardo Pica Ciamarra (PhD 1993) is Derector of Research at ISPF-CNR, where he coordinates the activities of the Observatory on Humanities and the Center for Digital Humanities.
Graduated and PhD in Philosophy from the University of Naples, he was also a student at the Italian Institute of Historical Studies and a fellow at the Universities of Erlangen-Nürberg and Munich. His research activity has focused on classical German philosophy in the relationship to contemporary thought, particularly on the topics of philosophical anthropology, theory of form, individuality between historical thought and philosophy of nature and between philosophy and literature. Author of studies on Schopenhauer, Goethe and their reception in the twentieth century, he has also worked on Digital Humanities and aspects of Vico’s fortune and work. He coordinates the e-journal ISPF-LAB and the e-book series ‘I Quaderni del Lab’.

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