Armando Mascolo

Phone: + 39
Office: Naples

Senior Researcher

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Armando Mascolo (Naples, 1976) graduated cum laude in Philosophy at the University of Naples “Federico II”, he subsequently obtained a PhD in History of Philosophy. He was a fellow at the University of Alicante, the Italian Institute for Philosophical Studies in Naples, the University of Granada, as well as “Visiting Research” at the University of Seville and the Archive-Library of the Unamuno House Museum of Salamanca University.  In 2021 he obtained the National Scientific Qualification as Associate Professor of History of Philosophy (SC 11/C5). His interests are mainly focused on the study of European philosophical thought between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, with particular attention to irrationalism and vitalism, to existential issues and to nihilistic and tragic philosophy. He is the author of monographs and essays on various authors including Schopenhauer, Ganivet, Unamuno, Ortega y Gasset, Baroja, Sartre, Cioran, Rensi and Zubiri.

Main research areas:
The philosophical and literary Spanish thought between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries in relation to contemporary European Philosophy;
Irrationalism, Pessimism and Skepticism in the twentieth century Italian Philosophy;
Authors and manifestations of European and Latin American Existentialism;
Forms and Figures of Nihilism;
The idea of the tragic and the Philosophy of History;
The concept of Pain and its philosophical implications.

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