Rosario Diana

Phone: +39
Office: Naples

Senior Researcher

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Rosario Diana has several translations and curatorships (Dilthey, Hinrichs, Cuoco, Vico) to his credit as well as a production of essays on figures of Italian philosophy (Vico, Cuoco, Silvio Spaventa, Croce, Gentile) and German (Schleirmacher, Goethe, Kant, F. Schegel, Mann). He studied the structure and content of the intellectual autobiography in Vico and Croce, on which he published a monograph. He dealt with intercultural philosophy, developing in one of his books a concept of “hospitable” individual identity towards otherness.
Since 2011 he wrote and directed philosophical theater-reading and melologists and – as part of the Ispf-Cnr research Line Humanistic Knowledge and Languages ​​of the Arts, of which he is Scientific Responsible – carries out investigations on the transposition of philosophical and literary contents into the syntax of the arts, subject on which he published several works, including a monograph with a CD about Samuel Beckett. He is currently carrying out research on the subject of migration and the “end of work” as a result of the automation of production processes. These studies will have scientific and performative (theatrical and musical) products as their final outcome, the latter aimed at reaching a wider audience than professionals.

Research Areas:
1) migration;
2) “end of work”;
3) transposition of the contents of humanistic knowledge into the languages of the arts.

Curriculum Vitae  (caricare in inglese)