For tomorrow again.Ways out of confinement.

An extract by C. Ossola.
Florence Olschki, 2020

The reflections with which Carlo Ossola draws, beyond the daze of the present, the future possibility of a ‘living-together’, a commonality beyond confinement, are inscribed one on top of the other like verses of a poem. They are thoughts to nourish an everyday life that, as Susan Sontag used to say, locks us between two threats: the most irrevocable banality on the one hand and an unspeakable terror on the other.
Carlo Ossola, lecturer at the Collège de France, is a member of the Accademia dei Lincei and important Italian and European scientific academies. He is the author of countless works and essays on literary criticism. At Olschki, he has recently edited Carlo Denina’s unpublished ‘Dell’impiego delle persone’, 2020, and Johann Peter Hebel’s rare ‘Storie bibliche’, 2020.

[online 14/07/2020].